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A Holiday Greeting from The Chamber of Commerce

As another year comes to a close, we wanted to say “Thank you” to our Members and Community.
The end of a year is often a time of reflection. As we reflect on our year, the one constant that stands out to us is the perseverance of our community. There has been an ability to recover in this town that is so inspiring. As a Chamber, we have celebrated over 50 new businesses opening stores in Huntington; a sign of recovery as we still move through a global pandemic.
Our Fall Festival allowed us the opportunity to be introduced to new vendors; many of whom found their passion in the uncertainty of Quarantine.
Our networking events allowed us the opportunity to speak with new and returning members about their businesses; both the positive and the challenges. And, as we listened, the one reoccurring notion from business owners was that everything was “figureoutable.”
Everything is “figureoutable”. And, all of you have taught us that.
If 2020 taught us the importance of time, 2021 taught us all the importance of patience, pivoting, and persevering.
As a Chamber, we intend to use these lessons in the new year. We look to create new initiatives while maintaining the ones we know work so well. It’s because of our community that we know what our mission is: help keep our town lively, prospering, and unique.
This Holiday Season, we hope that we continue to support our local community. Not only because it keeps our local economy healthy, but because of how rare it is to have a town like Huntington. A town filled with unique stores and restaurants, artists, and deep-rooted history. How often do you get to visit a town that has one of the Top 5 clubs in the nation in the Paramount built on the same street as the historic Conklin Barn?
We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and an exciting New Year. We’ll see you in 2022.
With gratitude,
The Chamber Staff & Board of Directors