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Chamber gives Back to the Community

The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce is proud to support our community and businesses during the re-opening process. The staff and committees at the Chamber have prioritized the needs of our businesses and have taken measures to support the re-opening of our economy. One of the first initiatives that took place was the distribution of over 500 masks to Members and their employees; the bulk of which was donated to us from Baseball Lifestyle 101. We also supplied businesses with hand sanitizer, signage, and thermometers.

The Chamber was one of the first organizations to receive a support grant from PSEG. The goal of the Grant was to provide items that encourage the re-opening of our economy. With the money provided by the Grant, the Chamber distributed handicap ramps to restaurants with street closures on the weekend, allowing them to be more accessible. Also, the Chamber distributed outdoor lighting to increase visibility and help businesses maintain outdoor seating throughout the night. Most recently, the Chamber donated benches to the town to be distributed throughout the village. The goal is to inspire visitors to enjoy the outdoors and encourage walkability. Many thanks to PSEG for their support and generosity.

Our Young Professional Committee has done an incredible job in supporting the community, as well. In August, they collected non-perishable goods for Long Island Cares. This past week, the Committee raised $300 to support the Second Precinct’s Food Relief efforts. The Second Precinct has been providing food relief efforts for the community since the start of the pandemic in Manor Field, many times providing supplies personally. Their goal is to not only protect and serve the community but also support those who are underserved or in need during this unprecedented time. The Young Professional Group has been a strong advocate for raising donations at their events and they are grateful to all those who have supported their efforts.

In October, the Chamber is re-launching an “It Starts Here” campaign to encourage locals to shop locally. The campaign was started ten years ago by the Chamber and is trademarked. Our goal is to give businesses more visibility as we approach the holiday season, while also reminding the community why supporting our local businesses is so important.