Mahanaim Campus will host the 3rd International Youth Fellowship (IYF) World Camp in New York from August 19th-22nd. An estimated 2000 high school and college students from around the U.S. and overseas will be travelling to Huntington to participate in this special event aimed at addressing current youth problems and developing young people into leaders.

IYF is a Christian-based global initiative of IYF Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization in New York. IYF is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of young people around the world.

With college and high school students expected from both the east and west coasts, Jamaica, Thailand, Korea, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries, Mahanaim is very excited to be hosting the World Camp and is preparing a very diverse program to keep the participants busy and engaged. World Camp offers special guest leadership speakers, spiritual development sessions, culture exhibitions and performances, a leadership symposium, a 5k Mini Marathon, top-level music concerts, and academies including martial arts, foreign languages, photography, and much more.

These programs come together with the purpose of bringing youth issues to the forefront and solving them one student at a time. Living in a culture where the means of communication are much quicker and easier than ever before, for some reason young people are finding it harder to really communicate with others in meaningful ways. For example, when looking at today’s tragedies in the news, we can conclude that so many stemmed from people completely isolated and cut-off from society with few avenues besides the internet or violent entertainment to turn to. IYF World Camp wants to combat this by developing strong hearts and minds that are open and can communicate. 

Mahanaim and the IYF are strongly encouraging parents and educators to give World Camp a chance to change the hearts of young people in their care, as well as nurture those who show a strong potential for leadership.

IYF World Camp kicks off and concludes in grand fashion with the Opening Ceremony and Gracias Christmas Cantata, respectively. Both events will be held at LIU C.W. Post’s Tilles Center for the Performing Arts.  Opening Ceremony is scheduled for August 19th at 6:50 pm and will feature cultural dances, welcoming addresses from notable Long Island figures, and performances from the world-renowned music group, Gracias Choir. The Gracias Christmas Cantata, which is considered the Choir’s signature musical event, is slated for August 22nd at 7:30 pm. Both events are open and absolutely free to the public. For more on 2013 IYF World Camp in New York, visit IYFUSA.org.

For inquiries, please contact:

Glen Heil
Cell: 248-884-3235
Office: 631-944-4400 ext. 2252
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Web: iyfusa.org


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