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Member Spotlight: Quality Island Landscaping

Quality Island Landscaping is a full-service property management company, providing design, build, and maintenance services to the greater Huntington area. Established in 2008 by John Marcinka, Quality Island Landscaping prides itself on an innovative approach to an essential service.

At 21 years old, during the 2008 recession, John realized that he was not going to allow the uncertainty of the economy to dictate his bright future. While in college, John started his own landscaping company, but if you ask him (which we did), he would say it began when he was a kid mowing neighbors lawns.

John has a drive for success that is unmatched and is only rivaled by his love and passion for the outdoors and plants. We recently visited John at his nursery to learn more about his business, his inspiration, and his robot vacuum, “Mowreen.”
Upon arrival, John greeted us with Quality Island merchandise and brought us to his vegetable garden where he allowed us to pick whatever we’d like. Within a few minutes of walking around his land, it was evident what makes the difference at Quality Island Landscaping: love and compassion. John doesn’t look at landscaping like a job; no, he appreciates and cares for each plant. Part of his yard is recovered plants from jobs that would have otherwise would have been garbage: a patch of misfit plants. The difference at Quality Island Landscaping and working with John is that he cares about his customers, staff, and how he’s treating the environment. That kind of passion is contagious.

At 21 years old, John Marcinka had no idea what kind of future he was building for himself. Now, 12 years later, it’s evident that his leap of faith paid off tenfold. With a strong business and an even better customer service, we can’t wait to see what the next 12 years bring for Quality Island Landscaping.

You can learn more about Quality Island Landscaping by watching our video below.

Quality Island Landscaping
37 Wyoming Dr, Huntington Station, NY 11746
(631) 796-4259