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Member Spotlight: Scents4MySoul

We recently did an online interview with Carolyn Miles, owner,and CEO of Scents 4 My Soul. A Huntington based business, Scents 4 my Soul offers Aromatherapy & holistic health and wellness products. From products that will reduce pain, to sprays that will help you sleep, Carolyn has created an inventory of products that help you live a better life. This year, the Covid-19 Pandemic has threatened Carolyn’s business. With trade shows, fairs, and festivals being the most prevalent form of advertising for Scents 4 my Soul, Carolyn, like many businesses, has had to pivot. And, she did. Carolyn has continued to create incredible products that make a difference in people’s lives.

You can learn more about Carolyn and her business by reading our article below, watching the video, or visiting her website:

Introduce yourself. 

I am Carolyn Miles. Brooklyn born and Long Island, New York-bred. I am the founder, president,, and CEO of Scents 4 My Soul.

 In what year did your organization open?

I started my business in 2008. I initially started my aromatherapy company with a prayer, a $1.00, and a dream to supplement my income. Fast forward from my very humble beginnings I am now manufacturing my holistic health and wellness line of therapeutic pain relief products.

 What services/products do you offer?

I offer Aromatherapy & Holistic Health & Wellness Products. I take great pride in being able to offer our own all-natural therapeuticgraded NonGMO and No CBD blended essential oil products for pain relief.  Each bottle of our Scents 4 My Soul product is carefully crafted and blended here in Long Island with ingredients produced from local and imported suppliers known for highquality products.  In our Scents 4 My Soul handcrafted holistic health and wellness line we use airtight and leak-proof bottles and jars that are suitable for preserving the value of our products.  Since March 2020 and the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic we plastic seal all our product bottles and jars to help keep them from being tampered with and becoming contaminated.

 What do you love most about your industry?

I love nature, natural and organic things. I love that I can offer my customers all-natural holistic handcrafted health and wellness products. I enjoy and love what I do. I believe if you follow your dreams the universe will open doors for you. 

 The health industry is big because the physical wellness of many people is a real problem. In 2017 we established a foothold in the highly competitive health market. However, like so many other vendors and small businesses we are striving to pivot and stay afloat. 

 Who inspires you?

I am inspired by independent selfreliant savvy women who live life by design and not default.

  What inspired you to start your business?

Being a parent is awesome and it is, also, terrifying. There’s, also, a lot of responsibility that comes with parenthood. Being a single mom of two daughters my number one fear was not being able to provide for them and give them both the things that they not only needed but desired and wanted. My two young daughters were my initial motivation and reason to start my entrepreneurial pursuits. Most importantly, I envisioned ‘something’ that eventually, I could pass onto my two daughters that would help them prosper.

  What is the best aspect of working in your field?

I believe in the quality of the products that I sell. I believe in the therapeutic virtues of scent to heal and uplift the mind, body, and spirit. I believe our Scents 4 My Soul brand adds value to people’s lives. 

 At Scents 4 My Soul there are so many reasons to love us. We offer unique relaxing home scents and body fragrance aromas for any occasion. It’s not just about the scent, it’s more about the Experience! 

 Scents can create an unforgettable and memorable experience. Scents can trigger the phenomenal experience of recalling amazing treasured moments in childhood, a spectacular time in nature, at the beach or the ocean. Times filled with happiness, love, and joy. 

 It’s like walking into a room and indulging your senses in the aroma of chocolate or a freshly brewed pot of coffee even if, you are not a coffee drinker. Scents create an experience that you can enjoy and also, gift and share with others. Scents are uplifting to the mind, body, and spirit.

 I am very proud of My Scents 4 My Soul company’s achievements. I know the aromatherapy products and my handcrafted holistic health and wellness products that help people manage their pain makes a difference in the quality of people’s lives. How many people can leave work every day knowing that what they did mattered? I can and it is a gratifying emotional feeling.

Why are you a Chamber member? 

I am looking for retail customers who are interested in selling our all-natural products in their stores. Gaining exposure is hard, especially if you’re a new business. You have to find ways to permeate your brand into the community so consumers know who you are and what you offer. 

However, with a Chamber of Commerce membership, you gain connections and resources that make this much easier. The Huntington Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to meet and know new people and expand our local retail prospect base. 

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?

Initially, I leaped faith along with action to start my business. There was no blueprint or road map. I had to figure it out. I had no mentor for direction and guidance on ‘How to avoid the many pitfalls of creating a thriving business?’ Business ownership presented new expectations but, also, new challenges and obstacles that I had to experience and learn to overcome.

How has your business been impacted during Covid-19?

 This year we were expanding our customer reach and impact. Then the Coronvirushit Long Island in March 2020. Being ‘shelteredin’ at home presented many new challenges. As a small home-based business, we participate in 60 major pre-selected scheduled annual vending events: craft shows, expos, music festivals, and tradeshows on Long Island, upstate N.Y., Ct. and the New Jersey Shore. 

As a small homebase business, we have felt the financial impact of the Corona Virus. Participating as a vendor in the indoor and outdoor pre-selected planned annual events helps us to attract new customers, boost our product line visibility, and create a connection with potential buyers.

We and many other craft show and trade show vendor businesses have had to pivot our businesses and/or stepped outside of the box to create or offer products, services, and solutions that fill supply chain gaps during the initial pandemic crisis and to compensate for large gathering events being postponed like the craft shows, music festivals and trade shows being postponed and the change in people shopping behaviors. 

Because of Covid19, there is a new virtual business reality. Which is now a part of everyday business and it’s here to stay – even once the pandemic passes. I am happy to say we were already a part of it. We are very fortunate that we are technology savvy and already have an online presence and a good online social reputation. Building upon our current online presence and boosting the visibility of our products online is the next step in our journey.

But here’s the bottom line: If we small home–base vendor businesses and local small retail businesses don’t re-imagine, re–invent ourselves, and find a way to successfully promote ourselves, secure collaborating partnerships, and meet our customers’ shopping needs online in 2020 and 2021 we will be out of business!!