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Member Spotlight: School of Rock, Huntington

School of Rock, located at 143 E. Main Street, Huntington, New York, is a music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, the School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians. Owner Monica Rubin opened her School of Rock locations after seeing the movie, starring Jack Black. Inspired by her musically gifted son, Monica wanted to create a space where he was surrounded by like-minded people. Since then, Monica has opened locations in Syosset and Rockville Center. Teaming with Regional manager, Dylan Gross, these locations have changed the lives of so many students.

Driven by passion, Monica has created an environment where students not only learn how to play and read music but also learn how to approach situations with confidence. Throughout the year, the students at the School of Rock perform their music at various community events and concerts. The School of Rock also has a touring group of elite students. In a normal year, they will go to different states and do a seven-stop tour.

Like the movie, the School of Rock students and instructors become like family. The instructors are passionate not only about music but the student’s growth. Their goal is to facilitate an environment where children and young adults feel like artists, not just kids. In return, the students value their time and feel more confident approaching their lessons and performances.

An organization rooted in the community, the School of Rock had to pivot since the Covid-19 Pandemic. At first, they quickly moved their lessons to virtual learning. Their goal was to keep students engaged and give them a form of escapism. Now, their multiple studios are outfitted with plexiglass and plastic dividers giving students a safe place to once again practice in person. The Huntington community is fortunate to have such a unique, caring, and wonderful organization run by such humble, gracious, and passionate leaders.

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School of Rock
143 E. Main Street
Huntington NY 11743