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Member Spotlight: Tommy Tacos

Tommy Tacos, located at 821 New York Avenue in the Big H, is not your typical fast-casual taco restaurant. When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted with a creative, fun, expression of self. Owners Elisa and Tommy Stein visualized a space that spoke to their core; whether it was movies that made them laugh, artists that inspired them, humorous signs, or pieces that fit their niche, every detail throughout their space has a story.

That same sense of passion is translated to their menu. Each item is made fresh daily with little inventory in the store at any given time, a risky but fruitful undertaking. Tom, a fine-dining trained chef, knew that to succeed in this business, their tacos had to be sourced with intention and thoroughly perfected. What you get is a precise, delicious taco at a reasonable price; their ethos in one bite.

Opening a restaurant during a pandemic had setbacks; mainly not being able to open. But that did not dissuade Elisa and Tom. It made them stronger. Tommy Tacos opened in late July and has already become the talk of the town. From their delicious vegan taco options to their monthly taco special, Tommy Tacos has been able to add flavor, soul, and a sense of home in just a few short weeks.

We recently sat down with Elisa and Tom to learn more about Tommy Tacos and all things that make it special. As Chamber members, we wanted to learn more about their “why” and what drove them to open a restaurant in Huntington, especially during a time of such uncertainty. We learned about their inspirations, from Danny Meyers to Anthony Bourdain, their take on the menu, and just how carefully they crafted each item.

Huntington is fortunate to have such an incredible restaurant, with two people who truly love the community, open and we can’t wait to see what the first full year in business brings to them.

You can learn more about Tommy Tacos by watching our Video Below:


Tommy Tacos
821 New York Ave,
Huntington, NY 11743