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Restaurants During Pandemic: How to Emerge and Succeed Post-Pandemic

Join us August 11th at 10 a.m. for a special presentation geared for Restaurant Owners. “How Restaurants can Emerge and Succeed Post-Pandemic” will discuss poignant points in regards to focusing your team, streamlining your operations, maximizing your customer experience all while navigating the uncertain times.
Joe Maddalone-Power Strategies is a business consulting and professional coaching firm,established in 2009. Joe knows that focus, accountability and consistency are the keys to success in life professionally and personally and uses practical and effective tools to help entrepreneurs and managers stay motivated.
Joe is a goal oriented, dedicated professional who uses his experiences, skills, training and passion to help his clients formulate a strategy for success. His professional expertise extends to both for-profit and non-profit organizations of many sizes. His passion drives him to assist businesses, teams and individuals re-build and grow professionally after challenging or life-altering events.
Simply stated: a business consultant is a problem solver; and a business coach helps set and achieve realistic business goals, leading to sustained success in the business and a rewarding life.
Meeting ID: 859 1998 5106
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