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The Chamber Celebrates their 95th Anniversary at Harbor Club, Prime

On September 9th, 2021 The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 95th Anniversary. Originally scheduled for April 2020, the Chamber re-scheduled this event multiple times due to the pandemic, making the celebration even more special. Hosted at the Harbor Club, Prime, the 95th Gala gave everyone a chance to have fun. Upon entering, all guests received a credit to gamble at the full Casino on the second floor. In celebration of this milestone anniversary, the Chamber honored 5 Individuals who have left a significant impact on our community.

Started in 1925, The Chamber was organized in the middle of a decade of enormous change and growth in the Town of Huntington. The town experienced the first wave of suburbanization as the population increased 84%, from 13,893 in 1920 to 25,582 by the decade’s end. Homes were being built along the new streets that divided the old Sammis farm between New York Avenue and Nassau Road. Bigger and more magnificent mansions were being built in a continuation of a trend that stretched back a quarter-century. Mansions such as Otto Kahn’s in Cold Spring Hills and Marshall Field’s Caumsett in Lloyd Neck were completed. Modern, brick schoolhouses replaced dilapidated wooden structures to educate all the children living in the new houses. Waterfront communities incorporated as separate villages—Huntington Bay (1924), Asharoken (1925), and Lloyd Harbor (1926).
Started in a time period where the Town of Huntington experienced significant change, it is only fitting that the Chamber celebrated a milestone anniversary in such an unprecedented year. . Throughout the pandemic, we used our resources to help our businesses; from hand-delivering the proper permits needed, to working with our local town elects on protocol and creating courses that businesses could use to grow, it was during the 95th year that we saw the power of what a Chamber can do in the time of a crisis. This has been a time of tremendous change, as the landscape of both the Chamber and the Town continues to change. As we look to the future, the Chamber is grateful for all those who have supported us to get here.
Thank you to our generous sponsors who made this event possible. And, a special thank you to Digho and Len Marks Photography who encapsulated this event so well.



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