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Winners of 18th Annual Emerging Leaders Competition!

On December 2nd, 2020 the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce hosted their 18th Annual Emerging Leaders Competition virtually. Sponsored by St. Josephs College, the Chamber hosted sixteen high schools with over two hundred and sixty-five students participating.

This unique competition was developed to challenge students to think beyond the scope of the classroom and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities in a business environment. Students are presented thirteen categories to participate in at the beginning of the school year and work diligently to present their solutions to our volunteer judges who work in various professions. Over the years, the event has grown to be a true island-wide competition and provides an opportunity to build on many of the programs that exist at the local high schools and fills a gap for those schools that don’t have a business-related club like Young Leaders and DECA.

We want to thank our sponsors who took time out of their schedules to facilitate this event:

Asher Allweiss- Cobra Commercial Capital

Lauren Perry – National Grid

Andrea Bonilla – Source the Station

Ashley Benson – St. Joseph’s College

Barry Lites – Law Offices of Barry D. Lites LLP

Bob Bontempi – The Quay Group

Kelly Cortes – St. Joseph’s College

Bushra Dano – People’s United Bank

Amanda Vardakas – H2M Architects + Engineers

Diane Palma – digho image marketing

Maria Misko – digho image marketing

Jennifer Cassidy – People’s United Bank

Kiera McCourt-Davis – People’s United Bank

Robert Ansell – Power-Flo Technologies

Steve Hearl – H2M Architects + Engineers

Susan Pollock – St. Joseph’s College

Vita Scaturro – Chase Bank

Kim Poulos – KGI Design

Cooper Macco – Macco Law Group

Jennifer Leveque – Next Generation Long Island

Dorothy Roberts

Angela Perrone

Jerry Cohen – Five Towns College

Linda Mitchell – former director of the Entrepreneurial Institute Found.

Kai Johnson – Cynthia Ann Boutique

Matt David – St. Joseph’s College

Stacy Shapiro – GF Sports

Marc Gerstein – GF Sports

Liz Harnos – Burr Travel


This year, in addition to adapting to a virtual platform, The Chamber introduced a “Scholarship Program”. Designed for Seniors who have participated in the competition in prior years, this year, there were two extraordinary winners:

1.Jamie Saturno from Northport High School

2. Gurvir Singh from Herricks High School

This year has been a difficult year for students and teachers, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for their participation. In addition, we would not be able to host this event without our sponsors:

Presenting Sponsor

St. Joseph’s College

Corporate Sponsors

Power-Flo Technologies

digho image marketing

H2M Architects + Engineers

Vita Scaturro, Chairwoman of the Board

Len Marks Photography

People’s United Bank

Goodpep Digital Marketing


The winners from the Emerging Leaders Competition are listed below:



         FIRST PLACE: Anthony Martino- Bixhorn Technology Center

            SECOND PLACE: Isaias Vilato- Westbury H.S

            THIRD PLACE: Zachary Graber- Commack H.S.



FIRST PLACE: Matt Kellner & Jackson Bullaro- Syosset H.S

            SECOND PLACE: Noah Friedland- Half Hallow Hills East H.S

                        THIRD PLACE: James Rush & Logan Day- Jericho H.S



First Place (tie):

Karan Kaknia and Gurvir Singh (Herricks H.S)

Probleen Kaur and Kelly Fang (Herricks H.S)

SECOND PLACE: Nabeeha Ilyas (Harborfields H.S)

THIRD PLACE: Zoe Papazoglou and Avi Gupta (Commack H.S)



FIRST PLACE– Krish Pamnani and Nicholas Thomas (Syosset H.S)

SECOND PLACE – Chris Duban & Ian Peckman (Wellington C Mepham HS)

THIRD– Pearl Chen & Elisa NG (Jericho H.S)



FIRST PLACE:  Aidan Longueville – Bixhorn Technology Center

SECOND PLACE: Becca Storella & Aaron Platt – Syosset H.S

 THIRD PLACE: Watson Baek & Iniya Ramesh – Herricks H.S



FIRST PLACE: Kyle Dapice- Syosset H.S

SECOND PLACE: Nicole Feibel- Harborfields H.S

THIRD PLACE: Josh Dong & Blake Mayourian- Jericho H.S



FIRST PLACE: Kevin Zhu & Eason Pan- Jericho H.S

SECOND PLACE: Sarah Ninan & Roshni Patel- Herricks H.S

THIRD PLACE: Elina Ng & Zara Quizilbash- Jericho H.S



FIRST PLACE:  Jennifer Buckley & Alexandra Gunning: Kings Park H.S

SECOND PLACE: Frank Jiang & Douglas Chen: Jericho H.S

THIRD PLACE: Julia Panzavecchia: Harborfields H.S



           FIRST PLACE: Allison Lee & Shania Mehta- Jericho H.S

          SECOND PLACE: Faith Cammarata & Michael Maznio – Oyster Bay H.S

             THIRD PLACE: Olivia Kanfino & Joseph Cramer- Commack H.S



FIRST PLACE: Jennifer Slattery & Ellie Simkhai- Herricks H.S

SECOND PLACE: Laura Zhao & Emma Schwarzwald- Jericho H.S

THIRD PLACE: Giana Sinni & Adriana Doremus- Bixhorn Technology Center



FIRST PLACE: Hannah Proce –  Harborfields H.S

SECOND PLACE: Brenna Parker & Olivia Orlando – Northport H.S

THIRD PLACE: Molly Goldstein & Alexa Brecher – Syosset H.S



FIRST PLACE: TIE between Vivienne Lin & Chrstine Ling of Syosset H.S and Samantha Regenbogen & Dylan Guzman of Commack H.S

SECOND PLACE:  Matthew Imbrosciano of Kings Park H.S

THIRD PLACE: TIE between Patrick Walsh & Rachel Singer of Oyster Bay H.S and Valia Kavrakis & Liam McKenna of Northport H.S



FIRST PLACE: Janice Rateshwar & Chelsea Patrick- Jericho H.S

        SECOND PLACE: Evan Burke & Brendan Connolly- Northport H.S

        THIRD PLACE: Olivia Katz & Maya Almaliah- Syosset H.S



FIRST PLACE: Carolyn Lau & Laren Liu – Herricks HS

SECOND PLACE: Elaine Jiao & Jessica Adel from Jericho HS

THIRD PLACE: Samuel Sherry from Syosset HS



FIRST PLACE: Marianna Kowalski- Bixhorn Technology Center

SECOND PLACE:  Sana Nabi – Herricks H.S

THIRD PLACE: Leomarvin Abreu- Bixhorn Technology Center



FIRST PLACE: Davinder Chopra- Herricks H.S

SECOND PLACE: Michael Sabesan- Jericho H.S

THIRD PLACE: Jocelyn Chu- Herricks H.S




FIRST PLACE: Michael Winiawksi


THIRD PLACE: Emmanuel Hall